Server management

GreenHoster, Managed Services Provider and web host, GreenHoster assists businesses
small or large to ensure the sustainability of their online activities.

Vers le bas Infogérance de serveur web à Antibes
Infogérance de serveur web à Antibes

Managed Services, Network Administration

Starting from €150 per month excl. VAT

Managed services allow you to entrust the management of the administration of all or part of your infrastructure, regardless of the chosen web hosting.

This way, you delegate to an expert:
- The management of systems and networks of your servers
- Technical support in case of incidents
- Security of your infrastructure and its updates
- Management and monitoring of backups and disaster recovery

Cutting-edge Managed Services

Benefit from daily or on-demand updates

Have human and available support.
Be proactive and reactive when needed

Real-time monitoring

Several tools such as Zabbix, netdata, Prometheus, kuma, or CV4PVE allow us to be alerted in real-time.

It is possible to implement on-demand tracking systems and notify your Discord, Slack, or other platforms.


Captain Admin
is the architect of your digital infrastructures. Together, we can design a platform that meets your needs, whether it's in terms of availability, performance, or cost control.

Infogérance de serveur web à Antibes

À la carte services, Load Balancing, Caching, Multi-Data Center.