Cloud Web Hosting
and Network Manager

GreenHoster, a green host serving eco-responsible digital solutions
without compromising performance. We create eco-friendly servers, consuming less energy
and protecting the environment and our future generations.

Hébergeur Web à Antibes





We are here to help you succeed.

After numerous personal and professional experiences, we decided to found Greenhoster to help startups and growing businesses create the eco-responsible web infrastructure of their dreams. Thanks to our sensitivities to ecology and digital technology, we've been able to deploy numerous resources.
You'll be able to prioritize your professional development and steer your company toward success.

GreenHoster, hébergeur web écologique
GreenHoster, hébergeur web écologique

High-Performance Hosting

GreenHoster, the cloud web hosting of tomorrow,
extremely fast and ecological.

GreenHoster, hébergeur web écologique

Web Hosting of Tomorrow, 

Our technological choice is to exclusively work with eco-responsible actors whose CO2 emissions we can evaluate.

Renewable energies are strongly emphasized, as well as reducing the manufacturing footprint of servers, or green transportation for employees.

For what is currently impossible for us to reduce, we have a carbon contribution solution through the project.